Story Mash-Up: Chapter VII

storymashupiconStory Mash-Up is a collaborative story writing project where Eve, Joan, Trisha, Michelle, Ash, Vineeth and me take turns and write a story set in Hogwarts.

DISCLAIMER: Harry Potter is a trademark and a property of JK Rowling. The credits for some of the references present in this story belong to her. The words and the non-canon characters were created and therefore owned by the bloggers involved in this project.

Story Mash-Up

Chapter 1: Eve @ Twist in the Taile

Chapter 2: Joan @ Fiddler Blue

Chapter 3: Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff

Chapter 4: Trisha @ The Bookgasm Blog

Chapter 5: Ash @ Teabears & Co

Chapter 6: Vineeth @ The Lousy Design

Chapter 7: KayCee @ Here

 Character epilogues (ALL) on January 31st: we will all be writing separate dialogues for our respective characters, which will end this project.

Chapter 7: Ashley Lawson

The day of the full moon was here. Ashley knew that there was no turning back. Not that she would. Her sister may drive her crazy. Make her want to jump off the Astronomy Tower but family is everything. After everything they went through she wanted to make a change to the Muggle-Born role in the Wizarding World. Once here she found out that her wizard blood comes from Theodore Wellick, who want to be Minister. He reached out with a plan. Theodore Wellick said he knew how to make things right for Muggle-Borns’, how to make it even. So, he put together a group of students to unfold his plans.

Ashley’s feet clicked with each step she took. It was five in the morning, the birds were just starting to wake up when Ashley sneaked down the hall. Emily waited with Alison.

“What are you guys doing here?” Ashley whisper looping her arm with her younger sister’s.

“Someone knows about our plan?” Emily said.

“I already know, Yokito told me. He was to take care of them but I think we can’t trust him.”

“He’s just a first year, how much trouble could he make?” Alison said.

“Ali, you were a second year when you go Alexander Fleamont expelled.” Alison’s nails went from yellow, uncertain to red, anger with in two seconds.

“Come on.” Ashley led the two girls down the hall and to a forbidden room.

In the center of the room was stud a square shape that was covered with an old sheet. Ashely pulled it off. The three girls were meat the dark eyes and slick back yellow hair. Alison’s nails went to a light pink, shyness.

“Girls!” boomed the voice with a deep accent. “You got the photos?”

“Yes, we’ll be sending the photo an unset.” Ashley said, she was in front.

“Change of plans, I have two guys who will meet you at the Whomping Willow tonight.”

“But it’s the full moon?” Emily said. “What if Indira is out?”

“You’ll be fine.” The man smile wasn’t happy.

For the first time Ashley felt unsure about this.

The day ticked by slowly as the three girls waited for night to come. They past the message on to the other members about the meeting and when to be there. Nine O’ Clock finally arrived the girls were huddling together around the Whomping Willow.

“Do you see anyone?” Alison asked, her nails were glowing in the dark.

“Do you have them?” Asked a deep voice from the dark.

“Y-yes.” Ashely held out the photos to the dark.

“Lumos.” Emily whispered.

Two buffy looking guys step up from the dark. Dark robs, their faces looks similar telling the girls they’re brothers. The taller of the two slowly took out his wand while the other took the photos; slipping them in his inside pocket, he also took out his wand.

“Mr. Wellick wanted us to thank you for your work.” The taller one said.

He flicked his wand so quickly it hardly moved. Alison gasped. He glow in the dark nails grabbing at her neck.

“What are you doing?” Emily Yelled.

“Stop!” I yelled holding my wand at them. The other brother chuckled.

“What are you going to do little girl? Little Mudblood?”

My hands shook with anger, Alison face started turning blue. A light blue light flies past the girl knocking the laughing brother back. The taller brother whipped his wand towards that area where the spell came from. Indira, Aislin, Min Hye, and Yokitori all stud their waiting. The brother who was knocked over was now standing wand pointing at us. He waves his wand gabbing it at Emily. She screams and fell to the ground. Indira ran to Emily. She was still screams as scratches that look like werewolf marking started cutting into her skin.

“Stop!” Yelled a voice from the Whomping Willow. Both men whipped around, stopping the spell on Emily.

“Glendale brothers, you’re not aloud here.”

“Dalton.” Aislin said.

I wasn’t sure what was going on.

“Neither are you.” Said the short brother, both brother raised their hands when suddenly “Petrificus Totalus” the shorter brother fell, light blue, frozen as ice. Everyone looked around to see Yokitori wand raised.

“You little.” The taller brother said. But before he could to anything, Dalton waved his wand causing the taller brother to freeze. Ashly turned to Alison.

“Are you alright?” He sister nodded her head.

“Emily.” Indira was holding her.

“Let me see.” Dalton knelt down and looked her over.

“Take her now to the Hospital Wing. I’ll take care of these guys.” He leaded over and reached into the shorter brother’s jacket pulling out the photos. “Indira, these are yours.” He held out the photos. Indira took them as all the students lifted Emily. And for a moment nothing matters, not year, house, blood; we all had one goal getting Emily to the Hospital Wing.


Thank you to everyone who took part in writing this and to everyone who’s been reading! This was my first time doing a blog writing smash up and hope I get to do more. Hope you enjoyed the story. Don’t forget to read all the writers epilogues on January 31s! I know I will. Once again thanks for reading.

Like, Vineeth, I would like to dedicate this chapter to the memory of Alan Rickman who will forever me missed and loved.




2 thoughts on “Story Mash-Up: Chapter VII

  1. NOO EMILY. EVERYONE. This is yet another suspenseful chapter, argh. It’s going to be so difficult letting go of all these characters — I wonder how we’re going to write our epilogues! (Don’t want them to all have different events haha. Hmm.)

    1. Right, that’s the hard part of writing is letting characters go. Glad you liked it! I spent all week thinking of how to write it and then boom Saturday it all came to me. I was wondering that too. I hope it all fits together! Thanks for stopping by!

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