#NaNoWriMo Am I Ready?

NaNoWriMo starts in less than a day! Oh, my word! It’s knocking on our doors, and I know I’m not as ready as I would like to be but can you ever be? I don’t think so! Here is my list of things I do to get ready to write 50,000 in only a few weeks.


As you can see note noteverything is marked off. I haven’t fully build all my side-characters as much as I would like; the main ideas are there. What I need to start the story is there, and that’s what matters. As you can see under the ‘Other Stuff’ I have some more Prep steps I take that just makes me feel ready to take on this crazy goal.

On the first I will be sharing with you guys my playlist, it’s small but by the end of November is will be HUGE! Most of the writing I do is with music playing. But at the same time if I hit a wall them music can help or just causing the wall to become harder to over come; so at times I would be hitting that stop button.

Are you guys ready? Tell me what’s your tips, must haves? What do you do to take on this goal?

Add me as a buddy here: http://nanowrimo.org/participants/kaycee_k


(Here is a blank sheet incase you would like to use it.)














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