3 Ways Meditation Helps Me Write


3 – Releases Stress

There are two places I listen to meditations and that is one, on an app called Insight Timer and on Spotify. If my stress levels are high I will play one of the many meditations that I have fallen in love with. I am picky when it comes to listing to a section, so when stress is knocking at my door I’ll play a meditation on stress or one that has an ocean theme to help my stress levels.

App Insight Timer


2 – Creativity

On Insight Timer there are a few meditations to help get your creative juices flowing. I don’t use these ones as much as the others but once in a blue moon. I’ll come to a part in my writers where I can move on or my mind is over packed and by hitting play my mind will start mapping out a path for my creativity to follow.

1 – Feeling Low

If I’m not writing as much as I would like, or having finished something I need to; even if I slack at my blogging, I’ll start feeling bad. My self-esteem will become low and things are just sucking. But using a meditation about self-esteem, moving on, following your dreams, you can do it, and numerous like those, will get me back working. A pick me up, that kicks starts me back towards my work.

I enjoy listing to meditations that are about accepting yourself, following your dreams, relaxing, and creativity. Meditations are a health way to deal with stress, self-esteem and depression issues. Overall, meditations is a tool I use in my writing life and non-writing life. If you meditate, than how do you? An app, website? I would love to hear if and how meditation helps you write more!




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