My Road to #NaNoWriMo

Na_No_Wri_MoNaNoWriMo is right on my door and I am NOT ready. I have my basic story down but nothing more than that. So, what am I going to do? Nope, not to give up that’s for sure! I feel that this is a story I need to tell. That this is a part of me and a way I can share a great truth about us as people.

Most of you may not know this but I’ve been digging into my family past, following my roots of my family lines, finding neat and crazy things along the way. And still, I’ve learned so much about myself. I thought I knew who I was and who I wanted to be, but over the last year I’ve found out more and more about myself, I’ve grown and now feel that I’m a better person because of it.

With that said, I thought that this was a story that needed to be told. Not my family roots. But a story about what the past can do to change someone. To find out that their DNA makes up a part of who they are, not just their looks.

This story is set in a high school history class where the students have to spend the year following their roots. I’m thinking of having it following three different characters. I have two planned I just need to work out the three one and start on the plot.

But I feel as if there is the giant countdown and that I’m not going to be ready to answer the door on November first. No matter what happens I am going to kick down that door and do my best at this years NaNoWriMo!




Story Mash Up (Heading to Hogwarts)


I’ve join up and am now part of Story Mash Up (the collaborative story writing project). I am happy to join. I love the Wizarding World and have been a fan of Harry Potter for years. I’ve written lot of different fanfic and story collaborative projects but never a Harry Potter one.  This is new to me and look forward to join in with this group!


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Cleaning up & Updating

New? Yes!

Over the next week or so I will be updating and redo parts of the blog. As you can tell the layout is different. A new banner, but same name. Writing has really began to take over my life even more. While each day goes by the more it creeps into my life. More ideas pop in my head, past stories grow more and the itch to write gets strong. I wanted to redo this blog, start over from the start and really give it my all this time. Thank you so all who have followed and all who will.


KayCee K.

Fanfic? Why? See my points…

      Fanfic? Fanfiction? Doesn’t matter what you call it, there are people, a lot, who look down upon it. It’s a fact. Continue reading “Fanfic? Why? See my points…”

The Liebster Award

liebsterThe Liebster Award is given in recognition to new blogs. About The Liebster Award from We Loved Here 

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Short Story… Dispute

Dispute is a short story I wrote for a competition, I didn’t win but I love the story that Is forming here….

Blurb – Fighting for a new life; The  Immunity wants rules, power and The Collected wants freedom, rights. Trew and Syrah don’t remember coming to this new land all they can remember is how much the Immunity and the Collected hates each others. They don’t know why, don’t understand but the fight for control is on. Who will win?

Clip below…

“The market was filled with smells from fresh bread to home made hand creams. The road was cover in little carts, set up tables and booths, one side was gray and the other, colors. Never really thinking about how it was. This was the only way I knew how sopping worked. Collected on our side and an Immunity on their. I never had seen any Collected buying from an Immunity; or the other way around. What if I walked over there and asked to buy something? Would they say no? This it’s a joke….”