Fanfic? Why? See my points…

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The Liebster Award

liebsterThe Liebster Award is given in recognition to new blogs. About The Liebster Award from We Loved Here 

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Short Story… Dispute

Dispute is a short story I wrote for a competition, I didn’t win but I love the story that Is forming here….

Blurb – Fighting for a new life; The  Immunity wants rules, power and The Collected wants freedom, rights. Trew and Syrah don’t remember coming to this new land all they can remember is how much the Immunity and the Collected hates each others. They don’t know why, don’t understand but the fight for control is on. Who will win?

Clip below…

“The market was filled with smells from fresh bread to home made hand creams. The road was cover in little carts, set up tables and booths, one side was gray and the other, colors. Never really thinking about how it was. This was the only way I knew how sopping worked. Collected on our side and an Immunity on their. I never had seen any Collected buying from an Immunity; or the other way around. What if I walked over there and asked to buy something? Would they say no? This it’s a joke….”